Dr Fareeha Amber Sadiq is a British Board Certified Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist and recognized expert in the field of Child and Family Mental Health. Over the past ten years, she has provided clinical assessment, and management to children, young people and families. Over the past five years, she has led on setting up and developing innovative CAMHS services, and presented in national and international conferences, while being a contributor to training, and publications on child mental health issues in the UK, and Middle East.

Dr Amber has also appeared on dozens of television and radio stations, such as PearlFM, Dubai Eye and City7, and newspaper articles, in The National and 7Days. She has written for JuniorDr, and will be writing for the Huffington Post. She is a passionate, straight-talking down to earth mental health expert who is a strong advocate for parity in mental health.

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Dr Amber holds her medical degree from University of Glasgow, and Specialist Training in Psychiatry from the Royal Free Hospital Rotation, and Tavistock Clinic. She has a Certificate in Completion Training (CCT) and is on the Specialist Register as Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist.

She is a devoted mother to lovely two boys, and an auntie to eleven children.

Moving from London to Dubai, she is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge with other parents, and also with young people.


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